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NV Mathematics Project meeting











Front row: Denise Trakas, Marissa McClish, Heather Crawford-Ferre, Rebecca Boncoddo, Teruni Lamberg, Melissa Jurkiewicz, Craig Wall

Second Row: Robert Chang, Rovene Coy, Lucy Gillette, Mathew Hsu, Linda Koyen, Kathy Lawrence

Third Row:  Steven Demelin, Mitchell Nathan, Kathy Dees, Ed Keppelman, Zachary Kirkwood, Claudia Bertolone-Smith

Fourth Row: Travis Olson, Mike Pacheco, Diana Moss

Not in Photo: Ana de Bettencourt-Dias, Peggy Lakey, James Middleton, Barbara Perez and Tina Baer, Dave Brancamp

Team Work!


Jeff Shih, Peggy Lakey, Tracy Gruber, Teruni Lamberg, Ed Keppelman and Travis Olson

Mathematics Education Faculty

Dr. Teruni Lamberg, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Nevada (Project Director/Principal Investigator)


Dr. Jeff Shih, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, College of Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Phase I & 2)


Dr. Travis Olson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, College of Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Dr. Mitchell Nathan, Professor Educational Psychology, Wisconsin Center for Educational Research

Dr. Rebecca Boncoddo, Assistant Professor Psychological Science, Central Connecticut University

Dr. Claudia Bertolone-Smith, University of Nevada, Reno (Mathematics Education )

Dr. Diana Moss, Assistant Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education, Appalachian State University

Dr. James Middleton, Professor of Mathematics Education, Arizona State University

Belkis Karabiyik Ceri, Yildiz Technical University, Visiting Scholar from Turkey at University of Nevada, Reno

Graduate Students

Ms. Linda Koyen, University of Nevada, Reno  (Project Director)

Mr. Zachary Kirkwood – University of Nevada, Reno

Mr. Jed Locquiao, University of Nevada, Reno



Dr. Edward Keppelman, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Science, University of Nevada, Reno


Ms. Peggy Lakey, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Science, University of Nevada, Reno

Contact Information:

Dr. Steven Demelin: Mathematician, Mathematical Reviews, The American Mathematical Society 


SCIENTISTS (JOINING PROJECT FOR PHASE III) – Focus on Next Generation Science Standards and Nanotechnology

Dr. Ana de Bettencourt-Dias, Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno

Dr.  Matthew HSU  Scientist, Northwestern University

Dr. Robert Chang,  Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director Materials Research Institute, Northwestern University

Dr. Craig Wall, President, AMMI Connect

STATISTICIAN and Instructional Technology

Dr. Leping Lui, Professor Counseling and Educational Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno


Dr. Katherine Hepworth, Assistant Professor Visual Communications, Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada


Elko Site: White  Pine School District

Elko county School District

Humboldt County School District

Eureka School District

Lander County School District

Pershing County  School District

Local Regional Project   Directors:

Dr. Sarah Negrete (Director of Northeast RPDP)

Ms.   Tina Baer

Dr.   Teruni Lamberg (Provides support) 

Las Vegas Site:

Clark County School District

Clark  County Private Schools

Nye  County School District

 Lincoln  County School District 

Nevada Virtual Academy

Coral Academy

100 Academy

Private Schools

Local Regional Project   Directors:

Dr.  Jeff Shih (Phase 1 & II)

Dr.  Travis Olson


(Jointly planning and coordinating with Nevada Math Project team – Clark County MSP Grant)

MS. Barbara Perez – Coordinator III, K-5 Mathematics. Instructional Design and Professional Learning Division. Clark County School District.

Ms. Kathy Dees – RPDP Elementary Mathematics Trainer – Southern Regional Professional Development Program



Reno Site:Washoe  County School District (including Charter Schools)Douglas County School District Carson City School District Churchill County  School District

Storey  County School District

Local Regional Project Directors

Ms.   Kirsten Gleissner (Director, Northwest RPDP)

Ms.  Marissa, McClish

Ms.Patty  Fleming (Churchill)

Ms   Carly Strauss (Douglas)

Ms. Denise Trakas (K-5 Math Coordinator, Washoe County School District)

Ms. Vickie Collaro (&-12 Math Coordinator, Washoe County School District)

Dr.   Teruni Lamberg (Provide Support)

Silver Spring Site: Lyon   County School District

Local Regional Project   Directors:

Ms.   Claudia Fadness (Director of Curriculum and Accountability)

Ms.   Lucy Gillett

Dr. Teruni Lamberg (Provide Support)



Ms. Pamela Gallion, Las Vegas



Dr. Jacque Ewing-Taylor, Associate Director Raggio STEM Center, University of Nevada, Reno



(Raggio Center – University of Nevada, Reno)


Ms. Pamela Smith

Adminstrative Assistant

775 784 8288




Dr. Paul Cobb, Professor Department of Teaching and Learning, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Melfried Olson, Math Education Professor: University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (Problem-based tasks and research support)

Dr. Judith Olson: Math Education Professor: University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (Problem-based tasks and research support)

Mr. Steven Tutunik, McGraw-Hill Education (Provide common teaching units for teachers across the project (McGraw-Hill Math Curriculum )on content topics for Phase II. This will allow us to use common curriculum tasks across the state to have a joint conversation on how to effectively use the curriculum to support student learning.)

Dr. Kamil A. Jabeily, Former Executive Director, Texas Regional Collaboratives for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching, University of Texas, Austin (Provided inspiration for design a statewide collaborative and ongoing collaboration). He is now the founder of “Reach The Stars Enterprise.” A consulting service for Leadership, Partnerships and Systematic Reforms.

Dr. James Barufaldi, Professor, Director, Center for STEM Education, the University of Texas at Austin, a consultant on developing partnerships and STEM education.Dr. James P. Barufaldi is the Ruben E. Hinojosa Regents Professor and serves as Director of the Center for STEM Education at The University of Texas at Austin. He also serves as Principal Investigator of the Texas Regional Collaboratives for Excellence in Science Teaching.

Dr. Jere Confrey, Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor in Math Education, North Carolina State University – (Provide support with online PD (Turn On -Common Core) and other online resources for online part of the project).

 Dr. Norman Crowther, ATL, England National official Post 16 Education, London England

Open-Gate STEM Council- Fernley, Nevada




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