Our goal is to provide professional development that improves how teachers teach so that students can learn. That is why we engage in research to find innovative ways to support teachers and students. We are delighted to use design research in our work. We are all LEARNERS. Teachers along with the professional development team learn from each other. What makes this project unique is that it draws from different kinds of expertise (Teacher educators, mathematicians, scientists, regional trainers, district leaders, Nevada Department of Education leaders, industry partner and teachers) to support teachers and ultimately impact student learning.

Here are some testimonials from teachers!


I have been participating in the Nevada Math Project for three years with Dr. Lamberg. She has developed a phenomenal team of mathematicians and scientists to engage and motivate elementary and middle school teachers. Our institute inspired all of us to think more critically and creatively in executing the Common Core State Standards. Most importantly, this institute that Dr. Lamberg put together was energizing and fun. It was life-changing meeting and collaborating with other professionals. – Reno Site Teacher

I have spent the past 3 years in this project. As such, I have become a much stronger math teacher. I am more attentive to student needs; my focus on Big Ideas and lessons to achieve what I need to is more honed; I have gained the tools I needed to facilitate a 2 credit, state approved, PD class at my school; and now the tools I can use to extend our PD group into the next year. The collaboration time, content learned, and ideas have been invaluable!  Reno Site Teacher

At first, I was apprehensive of the program. After the first day I was very “Okay what did I get into, I don’t understand this?!” But as the week went on I had the opportunity to be exposed to new information, new ideas, and conversation. Being able to speak about new topics gives our minds another chance to think out of the box and bring new opportunities to our classroom. Funding an opportunity gives teachers the opportunity to reconnect excitement and ideas of teaching which can often be lost during the school year fast-paced time.  Reno Site Teacher

The project really opened my eyes to vertical alignment. This helps me be able to pinpoint what my students’ problem/misconceptions were and give me the respective place to seek for resources to help the students. Reno Site Teacher

These opportunities have provided insights into how learning occurs, how we can assess understandings, and then plan for follow-up instruction. The cross grade discussions enhanced longitudinal understandings and concept formation.  Reno Site Teacher

I really appreciated having time with K-8 teachers and not just teachers from my grade level. I have a much better understanding of the sequence for the standards.  Reno Site Teacher

This project has been awesome. I have learned so much about implementing math. I struggled learning math and I feel it is not my strong point of teaching. This program offered me various ways to teach it that I feel would help me in my teaching goals. Thank you for providing this great opportunity. Reno Site Teacher

The math project not only improved my ability in the area of math, but my ability to reason and discuss my thinking. Reno Site Teacher

The state should fund this program because it gave me a whole new understanding about how to teach math. I learned valuable ways to include hands on activities in a lesson and how to help students understand and “see” small numbers and scales like the nano. Reno Site Teacher.  Reno Site Teacher

This class has been so important to me because over the 3 years of this project I’ve become a better teacher. Face it, if I’m going to do the job I need to do it well. PD at the district level is all about where  my Admin feels I need to go, but this was a change (chance?) to see how research-based teaching will help my students in their learning. TO be exposed to the quality of research professionals just doesn’t happen without these types of programs. Believe me, my kids are gaining this privilege of what I’ve been exposed to. This program also has given me, on the bleakest days of teaching, hope in the form of resources and contacts. It is easy to give up when things go south in teaching, but not after being empowered by this program.   Funding is always a sore subject BUT why not spend a little on those of us who are willing to participate in these types of programs. From this I’m a better, more prepared, and positive teacher. It is impossible to attend one of these and not walk away refreshed. If each attendee reaches 25 students a year, the cost is recouped 10 fold.  Please, there is value here.   Reno Site Teacher

The week long professional development on science and math integration helped me understand how to coherently combined the subjects I am most passionate about as an elementary teacher. The professional development showed me how to meet the standards for both.  Reno Site Teacher


From the time I was a child I hated science. I didn’t get it. I didn’t want to spend the time on it, and I certainly saw no use for it in my daily life. My students saw my lack of knowledge and ability to teach science. If they flunked science I told them to blame it on me! After this week and doing the hands-on science experiments, I have changed my thinking and my own learning. I can see how science is all around us and how I can make it fun + meaningful versus reading out of the textbook. I truly appreciate being taught by people who know what they are talking about. I have found this project to be very beneficial and have a new appreciation for science + math + how they work together. Thank you!Thank you!  Elko Site Teacher

I love the activities. They get students thinking, they’re engaging, and they integrate math and science. Elko Site Teacher

This training includes so many activities that could be integrated into a full STEM. It is a great experience to work with so many teachers and specialized instructors. This training has introduced me to a topic that is very relevant but that I never would have thought about, let alone, had any idea what to do with my students to help them with it.  Elko Site Teacher

The NV Math Project was phenomenal!! Integrating Math + Science this week was extremely beneficial for me. Every person involved with NV Math Project was so knowledgable and gave me so many fantastic activities, projects, + ideas to use in my classroom. Learning about Nano Science this week has been fascinating for me. I’ve learned so much of how to incorporate more science with my math lessons. I’ve also learned how easy it is to integrate Math + Science into my classroom. I especially liked the size + scale activity. I enjoyed learning the sizes of objects that I did not know, as well as, how I’m going to use it in my classroom. Elko Site Teacher

The nano-modules were wonderful and I fully intend to use these modules in my 8th grade class if they are still available, maybe even my 11th – 12th science classes. Matthew explained all the measuring and comparing nanometers to other things in a way that made it easy to understand. Elko Site Teacher

I can’t say enough about the chance we had to work with other teachers. It was great learning about STEM and how to combine different subjects. I learned a lot about nanotechnology. Elko  Site Teacher

The Nevada Math Project has really helped me to become a more thoughtful and creative teacher. Especially this year with the integration of science! Elko Site Teacher


This PD really opened my eyes to the power of NANO and how it will impact our future in profound ways. Silver Springs Teacher

The conferences are fantastic! The wealth of knowledge is abundant. All of the presentations are well thought out & preserved visually as well as hands on. Thank you for inspiring me to become a better teacher. Silver Springs Teacher

Nevada Math Project has been fabulous! I’ve taken part for the past three years and have learned new things each year that I have been able to translate to my classroom teaching. I’ve learned many different methods which has been invaluable when it comes to differentiating my instruction. And it has given me the opportunity to “be the student” which has given me a whole new perspective and empathy for when I’m teaching. This last NMP program has been amazing in giving us many ways that we can incorporate science and math together and make them both relevant to real world problems and solutions that my students will be able to relate to. Silver Springs Teacher

This is my 2nd Math Projects class. The information & activities are great. There is a wealth of knowledge in the room and I thoroughly enjoy the discussion times. I appreciate that Teruni persuades teachers, graduate students & professors from around the state & country to speak at the workshop. It is a great time collaborating with our school district & meeting new people. Thank you. Silver Springs Teacher

Matthew was such a fantastic addition to the team this year! Thank you all so much! It has been a valuable mathematical and It has been a valuable mathematical and scientific learning experience, and funding for projects like this must continue. Teruni is doing amazing things for educators and students alongside Ed and Peggy! Keep it up! Silver Springs Teacher

Even though the NMP phase III is not over (we only completed 5 of 8 days), I already am so excited to use the information I learned back in my classroom. The modules were extremely relevant to my lessons/activities/ grade level (7/8) and Matt continued to bring back the concepts over and over so we could continue to make sense of them. Time was allowed to process the info, group work and posters reflecting over findings was imperative to my learning and therefore it will be used MORE in my class. Repetitiveness, Posters, 3 Stages of sense making, AMAZING! This week was 10ˆᵌ times better than last year as far as take aways! Thanks!!  Silver Springs Teacher

Being a participant in the Nevada Math Project has really enhanced my understanding of thinking about problem solving. It has given me an opportunity to reflect on my teaching practice. The instructors are top-notch! Silver Springs Teacher

This workshop was very interesting. I was able to learn quite a lot about nano-technology and how to get the Big Idea taught to  my students. Silver Springs Teacher

The class was fantastic. It stretched my thinking while giving me ideas I can use in my classroom. Peggy rocks the science talks. It is great that these classes can come to the more rural locations. Silver Springs Teacher

Each night I have gone home exhausted! My brain is so full of math. My husband has asked, “What did you learn today?” I pull out my notebook and say, “You are not going to believe this!!!” This summer has been truly amazing. I really learned a lot! Thank You! Silver Springs Teacher


Absolutely fantastic PD!  The integration of nanotechnology and gestures broadened the scope of the training in ways that was very beneficial. Relationships between in many topics of math and nano were well illustrated and reinforced. Would love to have opportunity to attend similar PD sessions in the future.   Las Vegas Site Teacher

The training was beyond my expectations! I was thoroughly challenged and excited to plan math related activities in my 2nd grade classroom. The topics ranged to challenge us mathematically and spark our curiosity! Las Vegas Teacher
The presenters were engaging, compassionate, and supportive!
Best PD by far. Las Vegas Teacher

The Las Vegas Nevada Mathematics Project Summer Institute that I attended this week was an eye-opener. Through this institute I learned that we have a very disturbing energy crisis and that our universe is in danger of extinction! However, nanotechnology has given me much hope! I wish all students will learn about this awesome technology soon! I will definitely do my own small share in the classroom, to try to save our world. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to learn so much!!!

Yay =)
Thank You =)
As a parent and an educator, I felt that the Nevada Math Project has been highly inspirational and motivational! The word of nanotechnology math and science courses in K-12 education needs to be immediately implemented! Even as a primary educator, I already see the potential for adapting big ideas into smaller units that very young students can begin to understand and develop. Again, I feel that the word needs to spread among students of all ages so that the “fire” of “nano” can be an exciting part of Nevada’s future and history. Las Vegas Teacher

I learned about many things that I had no previous experience with. Several activities helped me to understand nanotechnology, such as adding machine tape in powers of ten and the bulls-eye tosses for precision and accuracy. I also learned a lot about probability and programs to show probability. I’m happy that I was chosen as part of this great. Las Vegas Teacher

The math institute is a great place to network, refresh old skills, and learn new skills. Las Vegas Teacher

I have been involved in 2 out of the 3 phases of the Nevada Math Project Summer Institute. This program was much more than I expected and has made me a more thoughtful and reflective teachers. I would love to see more of these types of institutes. Las Vegas Teacher

This institute was a wonderful opportunity to see the cross-curricular connections between mathematics (statistics, data, measurement, and geometry) and science. This NV Math summer institute has been helpful in allowing me to see how topics that are complex, such as nanoscience, can be introduced even at an elementary level. Las Vegas Teacher

Wonderful experience. Great opportunity to look at how math transcend math. Eye opening information on how nano impacts our world. Nice opportunity to interact with peers in a learning environment. Got lots of new, fresh ways to present old concepts. Would love to participate again. Las Vegas Teacher

The Nevada Math institute was very beneficial because it allows teachers to become students. In, other words, teachers are exposed to new things and therefore we can translate that to our classrooms. Las Vegas Teacher
This experience also shows educators the importance of mathematics in a real world context, which again, us educators can translate into the classroom. Las Vegas Teacher

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a member of the Nevada Mathematics Project.                 Las Vegas Teacher

I’ve been a part of the NMP for 2 of the 3 years and I feel that this experience has been valuable. I have been able to reflect on my own teaching and how other teachers think. It’s been nice to have professors and experts either give problems, present student videos, etc.       Las Vegas Teacher

The Nevada Math Project is such a benefit to educators. The combination of STEM and how it ties in, opens a whole new and fun way to bring math to the classroom. Science helps with the understanding of the math formulas and how it relates to everyday life. I would go every year if I was able to. Las Vegas Teacher

This class has helped me understand how important it is the teach student in the 21st century. Students are exposed to so much technology, cell phones, computers, that students are learning information a whole new way. It is important to teach students to explore, analyze, and discuss their learning. Incorporating science with math has opened up great opportunities for me expand my teaching. Matthew and the other instructors where amazing. Las Vegas Teacher

This class helped me see the importance of nano-tech and its exposure to all kids. Las Vegas Teacher.

The institute opened my eyes to trying some new ideas in the classroom. Who knew that I would get so much out of learning about Nanos. Las Vegas Teacher

Future funding for Nevada is important to continue to make Nevada children ready for the 21st century. The demands of technology and science are changing constantly. Nevada children need to be taught about nano technology and advancement and how these discoveries are connected and applied to math. Only with trainings and workshops like these can teachers be exposed to new ways to think about math and how to apply them to their classroom teaching.

Summer Institute has been a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who are passionate about math and teaching math. I have learned about application of what we teach to science and specifically nano and how it can excite kids and give them incentive for knowing math. Las Vegas Teacher

The summer institute exceeded my expectations. I anticipated coming to math training and was pleasantly surprised to find that science was integrated. I find that STEM lessons are not only engaging for the students but incorporate all content areas. A lot of teachers don’t understand or see the importance of this. I would love to see more institutes like this one that incorporates all the content areas so that more teachers can be educated and grow the way I have over this amazing week! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication. Las Vegas Teacher

I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did about the world of Nano. I was challenged by the content and was able to make connections to my grade level standards throughout many content areas. I truly saw many opportunities throughout the week to build authentic integrated lessons to develop students who are college and career ready.  Las Vegas Teacher

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