Journey Through Nevada


Some Project Team Members and their Family

Photo by Zack Lamberg

Nevada Mathematics Project is driven by a team that is passionate and care about making a difference in Nevada and learning from this experience. This took personal sacrifice, commitment, willingness to volunteer many hours, giving up weekends and spending 4 weeks on the road each summer and 15 follow up sessions. Each team member brought to the project a specialized expertise and shared it with each other. Over time the team became a learning community and life long friends. This page give a glimpse of the behind the scenes activity that took place to make this project happen. There were many people involved. District leaders, RPDP leaders, Nevada Department of Education leaders who shaped the project. The team came together as a shared vision was developed. The families behind the scenes played an integral part of supporting the project. At various stages of the project, had spouses, and even children join the project.

Nevada ‘s  geography is diverse and unique. The team had to drive many miles. The drive from Reno to Las Vegas was over 7 hours!  The journey was learning and growing together, working as a team and learning from each other. It was also an adventure of meeting new people and exploring new places. Team members travelled greater distances around the country as well. People traveled from Wisconsin, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan and other places to join the team.  This is truly the DREAM TEAM!



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